CONCRETEWISE Africa is a premier manufacturer of a wide range of polymer modified concrete products, primers, pigments, acid stains, sealers, concrete imprinting mats, concrete countertop mixes and tombstone mixes, to name but a few, for the decorative concrete, coloured screed, concrete and cement floors, and overlay industry.

 CONCRETEWISE Africa products are designed to restore and resurface structurally sound, yet surface deteriorated horizontal concrete surfaces like floors, driveways, pool surrounds, both indoors and outdoors, residential & commercial. Due to success because of the “ease of use”, the “versatility” & the “cost effectiveness”, these products are now being used in the Concrete Countertop, Concrete Furniture, Cladding, Concrete Rock & Water Features, Concrete Tombstones & Garden Ornamental (pots & garden ornaments) businesses.  These products turn conventional grey concrete into the more aesthetically pleasing, acid/salt/stain resistant finishes that are more resistant to traffic and wear.

These finishes include but are not limited to the look and feel of aesthetic stone, slate, tile, brick, marble & granite and can be customised to match or enhance any design or theme that you can imagine. With literally unlimited amounts of colours, textures, patterns and designs, “The Imagination is the only Limitation”.

 Ideal for installation on, cement flooring, driveways, walkways, garages, residential & commercial pools, decks, interior concrete flooring, auto dealerships, restaurants, concrete countertops, concrete furniture, cladding, coloured screeds, concrete rock & water features, concrete tombstones & garden ornamental (pots & garden ornaments), to name but a few…

 With a range of “Just add water” polymer modified cementitious products to suite your texture requirements; Colourwise colour pigments like Kalahari Sand, Ocean Slate, Deep Coffee, Sunset Sand, Desert Beige and Burnt Orange,  to name but a few; antiquing and acid stains, both water and solvent based concrete floor sealers, and tools for preparation, application, texturing, colouring and sealing, we will always be your chosen Decorative Concrete supplier and friend.

 CONCRETEWISE Africa is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, for centralized ease of access in South Africa and reduces costs of transportation of raw materials and stock items, and also to supply internationally to countries like Namibia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Mozambique, Nigeria, Kenya and Zambia, to name a few.






 The benefits of using CONCRETEWISE Africa are:

  • Unlimited colour, design, pattern & texture options.

  • Ultra durable and long lasting.

  • Applied directly to your existing new and old concrete surfaces.

  • Costs much less than you think.

  • Applications can be completed in only a few days with very little or no inconvenience.

  • Does not stain like carpets.

  • Does not shatter like tiles from the impact of something being dropped on it.

  • Does not gouge like wood.

  • Maintenance is simple. Mop it! Polish it! Done!

As a leading manufacturer of products for Decorative Concrete coatings, texturing, colouring, and sealing, our CONCRETEWISE Africa Team has years of experience in:

  • Manufacturing

  • Installations

  • Training

  • Product Development

  • Technical Support

  • Product Specification

  • Business Development

  • And much more…….


Welcome to Africa’s

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